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Evesham Fire Officers Association FMBA Local 115, Inc.
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Purpose and Mission of The FMBA
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The purpose for which this Corporation is formed is as follows: To educate residents of the State of New Jersey and of each community therein, through local chapters of this State Association, in the prevention, detection  and extinguishment of fires; To enhance the safety of all who reside or pass through this State by continuing the training of firefighters and the public in fire safety and by the training of firefighters in the protection of life and  property; To promote and encourage the formation of local branches; To aid and  assist by the moral support and influence of this State Association all  aforementioned qualified members of this State Association, and their widows/widowers and orphan children who may not otherwise be provided for, and  to encourage said Locals to educate and assist the public in any manner possible in connection with the area of emergency services, including but not limited to  encouraging greater public understanding of fire safety and fire fighting; To  instruct the youth of this State in fire safety and prevention and to encourage Locals to sponsor programs and to encourage youth involvement in fire  prevention; To provide for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests and prosperity of all firefighters in the State who are now or hereafter become members of any Local; To protect and defend, as deemed advisable, the rights,  benefits and privileges to which any member now or hereafter may become entitled; To collect and compile from time to time the statistics and other  information concerning firefighters to better protect the public welfare.

The mission of EFOA FMBA Local 115, Inc. is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and strengthening inter-departmental relations.

Evesham Fire Officers Association

FMBA Local 115, Inc.