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Member of New Jersey Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association since May 1, 2003

The EFOA FMBA Local 115, Inc. represents Career Fire Officers employed by Evesham Fire-Rescue.
Evesham Fire-Rescue provides Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Prevention, Fire Inspection, Fire Origin and Cause Investigations, Rescue and Hazardous Materials.
These services are funded through The Evesham Fire District to the The Residents and visitors of Evesham Township, NJ. Evesham Fire-Rescue is staffed by 37 career members and 115 volunteer members. The career force provides staffing Monday through Friday 5:00 am to 6:00 pm.

History of the FMBA
The New Jersey State Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association was first organized and established on December 11, 1897, at the first F.M.B.A.  Annual convention which was held in Jersey City, NJ. At that seemingly uneventful gathering, whereupon only six original member locals - Jersey City,  Paterson, Hoboken, Newark, Trenton and Camden, united to incorporate under the  banner of the F.M.B.A., birth was given to a new era in the history of the  career fire service in New Jersey. In retrospect, it is, at best difficult, to  estimate if our founding fathers possessed full awareness of the time enduring significance and the tremendous positive impact this organization was destined to have upon its members, their families and the general public throughout the decades to follow. Given that particularly industrious point of our society's  growth and development, the time was perfect to organize such an association. And organize they did. By 1907, less than a decade from its inception, local membership doubled from six to twelve locals, with total membership increasing to 1,157. Today with 106 Fire and EMS locals on its roster, the New Jersey State Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association proudly maintains an active membership of over 5,000 career personnel.


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Let us never forget what happened on 9-11-01. We shall never forget the supreme sacrifice made by many on that fatefull day.

Evesham Fire Officers Association, NJ FMBA Local 115, Inc.
C/O Secretary/Treasurer Matt Hempel
3 Prince Charles Court Evesham, NJ 08053